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About Us

We are Pageant Media’s US-based editorial team covering the registered, private, credit, and real estate
investment sectors.

We believe in our amazing colleagues and our market-leading products. We are forming a union to build a
diverse, rewarding work culture that elevates diligence and excellence. Our investment in the company
and products we contribute to is evident, and we hope that our decision to unionize will be taken as
further proof of that dedication.

We’ve recently seen dramatic changes at the company. We face an uncertain future after a capital
infusion from a private equity firm, ICG. At publication after publication, company after company,
comparable moves have resulted in business practices that actually harm the publications overall, along
with the staff who create them.

Our intention is to strengthen the culture and improve workflow through collaboration with management in
the transparent definition of conditions that we can expect, namely benefits parity with our fellows in the
UK and pay parity with our competitors in New York.

We also look forward to working towards:

  • Improved health insurance and retirement plans
  • Reasonable and uniform work from home and family leave policies
  • Baseline definitions of compensation and benefits that colleagues can expect
    when being transferred between offices and pay commensurate with each office


We therefore invite Pageant Media to recognize our union, the Pageant Media Workers Guild, part of the
News Media Guild - NewsGuild-CWA, local 31222.

Voluntary recognition would allow us to begin an amenable process of contract negotiations, saving the
company the cost and inconvenience of an anti-union campaign and an in-house election that will
ultimately result overwhelmingly in favor of this exciting new relationship. It would show the company’s
commitment to a strong newsroom and respect for a supermajority of US editorial employees.